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Karl Towns currently serves as President of the Board for KAT Team. Karl has been an avid supporter and champion of children for over 30 years. Prior to founding Kat Team, Karl worked with autistic and special needs children at Piscataway Regional Day School for approximately eight years.


Karl then took on a job at Edison Job Corp under the guidance of Education Management Corporation, where he served as a Career Technical Manager and the High School Diploma Teacher. 


Even with a job during the day, Karl continued his passion of working with young adults as a basketball coach for over twenty years and has coached thousands of students throughout the country.  Karl has successfully assisted over fifty students with admission into their college of choice. 

Today, in addition to his role as President of the Board, Karl travels around the country and speaks to students about graduating from high school and their college prerequisites.  He also serves a mentor to many students throughout the country.

Meet The Team


Lachelle Almonte serves as Secretary of the board for KAT Team. Lachelle has worked in the accounting and marketing field for over ten years.




Jennifer Jacques is a Managing Attorney at Jacques & Associates and advises on a full range of transactional matters including  non-profit formation, corporate governance, sports law and private equity/venture capital financing.  Jennifer is also a certified NBA Agent, WNBA Agent and NCAA Certified agent. 


As an attorney, Jennifer currently serves as outside counsel for companies such as Iman Cosmetics Inc., focusing on their North American Region and has structured distribution agreements on behalf of her clients. Jennifer has also worked with the Entertainment Group of the law firm and has counseled clients on film projects involving both feature and documentary films, such as NBATV's documentary featuring Julius Erving, The Doctor. Jennifer was featured in the Huffington Post with respect to her work on emerging tech companies and Spark Sports regarding her legal work with KAT team.


Jennifer has also created a Non-Profit and Corporate Governance division in an effort to serve the needs of the athletes that she counsels. Jennifer currently serves as legal counsel for Nassan's Place,  a Non-Profit foundation supported by Hassan Whiteside of the Sacramento Kings. Jennifer also serves as legal counsel for KAT Team.  


​​60 Park Place, Newark, NJ​ 07102 | Email:

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